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Exploring unique places that are off the beaten path and venturing beyond the touristy hotspots is one of our favorite ways to get to know a new destination. As a hotel that cherishes the spirit of exploration, we invite you to embark on a journey to discover some unique parks in NYC. Put on those walking shoes and get exploring. 

1. Highline Park

New York is constantly reinventing itself, and the Highline Park is the prime example of it. The original tracks for the Highline were used for the trains transporting meat, milk, produce, and manufactured goods around the Meatpacking district. When the rails were abandoned as the interstate trucking grew more popular, the tracks started to experience overgrowth inspiring the creation of the park. You can read more on the park’s interesting history. Today it is a vibrant space with beautiful nature and art weaving through the buildings of New York’s west side.

Four Freedom park is situated on Roosevelt Island. The exhilarating journey on the tram to get there is worth the journey alone. The park is named after the famous State of the Union speech delivered by President Roosevelt where he expressed a vision of a world where people had freedom of speech and religion, and were free from want or fear. Excerpts of the speech are carved onto the walls. You can see some of the best views of both the city and Queens from here.  

Gantry Plaza State Park is situated on the waterfront of Long Island City. It houses the iconic Pepsi Cola sign. The Pepsi bottle is 50 ft tall, but is surprisingly not the world’s largest soda bottle. The reason this landmark  is here today is because for over 60 years, Gantry Plaza State Park was the site of a Pepsi bottling plant. Today it is home to luxury high rises. Visit the park for amazing views of the city’s skyscrapers. On 4th of july it is also the best destination to view the Macy’s Fireworks.

Located in Brooklyn Heights, you’ll find Squibb park. It’s a true example of an urban playground. It is named after Doctor Edward Robinson Squibb who founded Bristol-Myers Squibb and developed quality control in the pharmaceutical field. What’s most interesting is the bridge that connects the park to Brooklyn Bridge park on the water. This bridge sits 50 feet above ground with fantastic views of the Manhattan skyline. 

Rockefeller Park is a hidden gem nestled along the Hudson River in Lower Manhattan. There you can find views of the Statue of Liberty, witness stunning sunsets overlooking the  New Jersey waterfront, and experience lush green lawns perfect for picnicking. What makes this park unique are the sculptures by Tom Otterness. You will find monkeys on the railings, fictional characters playing chess, and a rendition of a penny-laid road. The series is called “Real World”. The sculptures will look familiar. You can find another series by the artist at the subway station on 14th and 8th ave called “Life Underground”. 

New York has a variety of different parks to enjoy your time outdoors. From the playfulness of the sculptures in “Penny Park” to the innovative reimagination of The High Line, there are plenty of green spaces to discover. Don’t miss the urban jungles that add some magic to the city. 

Feedback from our Guests

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Marcus Ferguson

Marcus Ferguson

From Poland

It is well located near the subway, it is quite clean, the area is safe and with shops around, on a major avenue, it is not at all noisy wich being NY is very unlikely, I was in a room with a bathroom, 

Fabiana Martínez

Fabiana Martínez

From Uruguay

The hotel is recycled and very nice. The rooms are very small but clean and nice the bathroom is shared with few rooms and I always found it empty. Also very clean and neat. Great budget option in NY.

Victoria Elizabeth

Victoria Elizabeth

From Colombia

It was a quiet month, we achieved the goal of our stay in New York and felt safe. The location is practical, it is close to the station to move to the tourist area. The cleaning and service staff are very friendly and helpful.


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