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New York overshadowed Paris as the center of the Art World At the turn of the 20th century. Europe grappled with the aftermath of a devastating war, and a wave of artists sought refuge in the United States, bringing with them a tide of innovation. Artists like Jackson Pollock and Willem de Kooning spearheaded the Abstract Expressionism movement, starting right here in NYC. Additionally, prominent art dealers established galleries all over the city. Their vision and support became instrumental in launching artists like Roy Lichtenstein. 


In today’s art scene, art galleries are a hub for both seasoned and emerging artists. Venturing into art galleries, especially during their opening nights, is an exciting experience as the walls come alive with fresh artistic expression. Here’s a guide to the best places to visit and how to stay informed about upcoming events! 

Where to Visit

Chelsea is located on the West Side of Manhattan and is synonymous with the contemporary art scene. Dozens of art galleries are clustered together making it very easy to explore. It’s especially exciting to weave in and out on a Thursday night for the openings. Some  that we recommend checking out include David Zwirner, Michael Rosenfeld, DIA Chelsea, and Gagosian.
SoHo is located downtown and is renowned as a fashion hub. As you wander the cobblestone streets you’re bound to stumble into a hidden gem and discover unique art that captures New York’s spirit. Eden Gallery is not to be missed often featuring works by artists like Alec Monopoly and Metis Atash.
A few blocks away from Manhattan’s famous Museum Mile and upscale boutiques, you’ll find the sophisticated galleries of NYC’s Uptown. The atmosphere is more serene and intimate than the busting scenes of Chelsea or lower Manhattan. Tucked away in the basement of the  Gagosian, you can even find one of NY’s three star Michelin restaurants.   

Across the river in Brooklyn, you can find a bustling art scene in DUMBO. Come for the galleries that are housed in former warehouses, and stay for the spectacular views. In these galleries, you can find an mix of contemporary and avant-garde art. 

Stay Informed

As you’re getting ready to explore the variety of art galleries that New York has to offer, check out Thirsty  Gallerina on Instagram or a round up from artnet for all the openings happening this week. From the lively scene in Chelsea to the grunge vibes in DUMBO, NYC offers numerous artistic experiences beyond its museums. Whether you’re a seasoned art enthusiast or just a curious observer, I encourage you to explore the diverse art world of NYC and make the most of your artistic adventures during your stay with Hotel 99.

Feedback from our Guests

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Marcus Ferguson

Marcus Ferguson

From Poland

It is well located near the subway, it is quite clean, the area is safe and with shops around, on a major avenue, it is not at all noisy wich being NY is very unlikely, I was in a room with a bathroom, 

Fabiana Martínez

Fabiana Martínez

From Uruguay

The hotel is recycled and very nice. The rooms are very small but clean and nice the bathroom is shared with few rooms and I always found it empty. Also very clean and neat. Great budget option in NY.

Victoria Elizabeth

Victoria Elizabeth

From Colombia

It was a quiet month, we achieved the goal of our stay in New York and felt safe. The location is practical, it is close to the station to move to the tourist area. The cleaning and service staff are very friendly and helpful.


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